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Our Mission

Our mission at Cents

At Cents our first and foremost goal is helping people. Part of that goal is providing the tools for getting those people out of debt and getting them on with their lives. We are strong believers that debt shouldn’t hold you back from the things you enjoy most. Cents helps with that.

Our Story

Our Story

Cents began when the CEO, Joel Ehorn, was looking at his round-up investment app on his phone. He was blown away to see that after months of investing, he had actually lost one dollar and fifty cents. Like many of us do, he shrugged it off, blaming his loss on an unstable and unpredictable market.

Later that night, he found himself wide awake in the wee hours of the morning and thought, “What if I had been using those round-ups to pay off my credit card debt? That would have been money well spent!” and in that moment, Cents was born.

Everyone, including the Cents team, has struggled with financial debt. This is the driving force behind the Cents app. We’re here to offer an easy-to-use, debt-reducing solution to help people lower their financial debt and achieve their goals.

The Idea

The Idea

The idea is simple: Round-up transactions can make a BIG impact on your outstanding debt. While saving the $0.42 you had left over after buying your morning latte doesn’t seem particularly meaningful, the accumulation of that spare change adds up to something much greater over time. Rather than letting your nickels and dimes fall to the bottom of your purse or live couch cushions, let them live in an efficient, debt-reducing app.

The Team

Joel Ehorn

Founder & CEO

Dave Lawrence

Chief Operating Officer

Tristan DiCristofano

Chief Marketing Officer

Robert Preston

Lead Software Engineer

Jon Robinson

Senior Backend Architect

Chris Stamper

Senior Mobile Engineer

Drew Garcia

Senior Mobile Engineer

Drew Taylor

Lead Designer

Devin Halladay

Lead Mobile Designer

Brittney Anderson



Tyler Dickman

Adam Nugent